Welcome to Dad’s Guns and Golf Carts!

A friendly neighborhood gun and golf cart store, located at 4471 N St Rt 48 in Lebanon, just about a mile south of Hidden Valley Fruit Farm and about a mile north of Warren County Career Center.

Hours of Operation: Monday thru Saturday, 11am to 6pm!

-We BUY, SELL, TRADE, and REPAIR firearms and golf carts.

-Incoming transfer fee of only $20.00.

-Gunsmith on site most Thursday’s & Fridays

-Because we want to  improve customer service and experiences for 2019, we have recently added an in store AR supplies, consisting of various supplies to upgrade your AR style rifle and build a tool kit to keep on hand with replacement springs and supplies you may need to keep your rifle in tip top shape.  We have also add our newly launched online store.

– We are also working with another local company to provide quality crafted knives from Miller Industries.  Find them online at https://miller.industries/# or in our store!  Local small businesses teaming up to serve you better!

– Watch our newly added ‘Updates’ section for news and information.

-And, best of all, we offer exceptional service and a personal drive to make sure you make the right decision.